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ary school children and found that children aged from 5 to 7 from pet-owning households attended school for ▓three weeks

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more than those who didn't.Meanwhile, a stu▓dy in Japan found that pet owners over th▓e age of 65 made almost a third fewe

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r visits to▓ their doctor than people the same age who didn't▓ have pets.Chinese Hong Kong women fencers stun China to▓ t

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ake 2 goldsBEIJING, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Hong Kong women fencers stole the limelight as they took all the two gold medals on offer on ▓Tuesday's wheelchair fencing competitions at the Beijing Paralympics, ending China's gold medal monopoly on Monday.After Tuesday's events, China led the med▓al standings with five golds, five silver▓s and one bronze. Capping two golds on Tuesday, Chinese Hong Kong won three golds, one silver and

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two bronze to stay in the second place. Belarus and France shared the third position with one silver apiece.In women'

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s individual foil Category A, Yu Chui-yee of Chinese Hong Kong did not let t

he winning chance slip away again when she faced Zhang Chuncui of China aga▓in in the final."I'm very happy to win the gold medal in my ▓home country, which is my proudest moment of my life. I give my thanks to the Chinese audience

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for their suppo▓rt," Yu told the press.World No. 1 Yu suffered a shoc▓k defeat in the epee Cat. A final on Monday.The 24-y

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e▓ar-old Yu showed strong winning determin▓ation in foil as she made a brave recovery after she tr▓ailed Zhang 5-10, turn

hance of develop

ing the table 13-12. T▓hough both of the foilists tied at 13-all, Yu c▓ontinued her momentum to win two decisive points,

ing non-Hodgki

upsetting Zhang 15-13 to make amends."When I was left behind at the beginning of the bout, I concentrated on the match

and wanted to catch up with Zhang, calmly and step by step."Yu is a first ▓year post-graduate

student in the Hong Kong Chinese Unive▓rsity, majoring in sports administration."When ▓I get

tired of training, I can read books and study. I cho▓se this major because I want to do somethi

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